Who we Are

NetZeroBAU is an eLearning platform dedicated to net zero building principles and high performance design. Our team is led by award winning passive house expert Tomás O'Leary who designed and built the first Passive House in the English-speaking world in 2004. NetZeroBAU is a unique platform that operates symbiotically with Tomás' architecture company, MosArt. MosArt is consulting on over 3 million square feet of Passive House buildings across the globe. This relationship gives us incredible access to exclusive footage of ongoing net zero and Passive House projects. NetZeroBAU allows you to come along for the virtual ride to see first-hand the techniques, materials and design principles used on these ground breaking projects.

This is CPD with a difference.

This is NetZeroBAU.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide the most up to date information and education to industry professionals about net zero design and to advance the prevalence of net zero design in buildings of the future.

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is for a world where buildings impact positively on the environment and provide the ultimate in comfort and well-being for occupants.

Our team

  • Shane Kinsella
    Sustainability Engineer, CPHD, BER Assessor

  • Dermot Redmond
    Thermal Modeller, CPHD, Retrofit Specialist

  • Louise McNabb
    E-Learning Specialist, CPHD, UX Designer

  • William Waldron-Hyden
    E-Learning Specialist, Architect, CPHD

  • David De Courcy
    Technical Content Curator

  • Edel Tinsley
    Client Relations

  • Stella Farrell
    Client Relations

  • Denis Manzke
    Digital Marketing & Web Design