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Detailed premium content focused on high performance buildings

Join us behind the scenes on everything from one off residential projects to large scale commercial developments, new builds and retrofits. Study building science and building regulation courses.

Powerful CPD manager for individuals and teams of all sizes

We keep you up to date and on top of your CPD/CEU. Upload external CPD/CEU to keep everything in one place. Download statements in one click. Approved by major governing bodies.

Your hub for cutting edge techniques, materials and resources

Made by architects & passive house designers. Our sister company MosArt is involved in over 3 million sq ft. of passive house projects across the globe giving us unique access to incredible projects.

Comprehensive CPD Content & CPD Management System

Welcome to NetZeroBAU, the ultimate destination for building professionals seeking to stay up-to-date with high performance building knowledge.

We offer comprehensive CPD content and a powerful CPD management tool in one place. Our content covers a wide range of topics, partnering with industry experts to deliver high-quality, relevant, and engaging content.

Our CPD management tool simplifies the process of tracking and managing your CPD activities, allowing you to submit your annual CPD statement with ease.

Join us today and take the first step towards achieving your professional development goals!

  • Hours of exclusive & detailed content
  • Go behind the scenes of ongoing projects
  • Record CPD and download statements in one click
  • Access from any device, any time, anywhere!
  • Podcasts, webinars and detailed resources
  • Live mentoring with one of our in house experts
  • 3,000,000

    Sq Foot of Passive House certified
  • 2,500

    Passive House Designers Certified
  • 150,000

    Hours of CPD/CEU Certified
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How it Works

How It Works

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First choose a NetZeroBAU membership that suits your needs. Want to see what we have to offer? Try a free trial for a month - no credit card required! Ready to take your building knowledge to the next level? Become a premium member today!

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Once logged in, you can start earning CPD points immediately or just brush up on a huge range of topics. You won't regret a NetZeroBAU membership! It will be the best investment in your continual education you'll ever make!

  • What is NetZeroBAU?

    NetZeroBAU is an eLearning platform and CPD/CEU management tool that helps you achieve, track, collect and report your annual CPD requirements. Watch hours of detailed content and import CPD/CEU from other sources. When ready, simply download a single statement and submit it to your governing body.

  • What can I watch on NetZeroBAU?

    We have a huge range of content available and release new material every week. Each video, module, podcast or webinar is worth at least one CPD/CEU point. The best way to see what NetZeroBAU has to offer is to signup for a free account and see how NetZeroBAU can take your career to the next level.

    Our CPD/CEU content is split into 4 categories:

    Case Studies.

    We film detailed case studies onsite at ongoing projects, materials manufacturers and more. Some titles include:

    o Volumetric Passive house series

    o Straw Panel Construction System

    o Passive House Premium Educational Building

    o Enerphit series

    Building Science

    Building science modules are in depth and interactive learning experiences covering the core and advanced principles of net zero and passive house design. Modules include:

    o Insulated envelope

    o Air tightness and Vapour Control


    Our podcast are great for when you’re out and about and still want to enjoy the quality content available on the platform. Walking the dog? Pop some headphones in and learn about everything from MVHR systems and ventilation strategies to mould and condensation and how to prevent common issues.


    Webinars are live recorded at least once a fortnight and are presented by our resident passive house expert Tomas O’Leary. Tomas give hugely interesting presentations on projects he has worked on over his 30 years of experience including the 26 storey Cornell Tech Passive house, passive house primers and more

  • Who is NetZeroBAU for?

    NetZeroBAU is designed for architects, passive house designers/consultants/tradespeople, construction professionals, engineers and anyone that has an annual CPD or CEU requirement. The platform is also ideal for those who simply want to learn more about net zero, passive house and high performance building techniques from industry experts that have been working in the industry for 30 years. We have certified some of the largest passive house projects on the planet and trained over 2500 passive house designers and consultants.

  • Who accepts NetZeroBAU CPD/CEU?

    Our CPD is officially accepted by the RIAI and Passivhaus Institut. Our CPD/CEU has also been accepted by other international bodies however we recommend checking with your governing body to ensure they accept our CPD/CEU.

  • How do I cancel?

    You can cancel your free NetZeroBAU account at any point! Either cancel from within your dashboard or email info@netzerobau.com and we will immediate cancel and deactivate your account. For premium accounts, your subscription will last for 12 monthly payments at which point you can cancel your account again at any time.

Take the "How to Build an Energy Efficient Home" Course.

Science Based Principles

4 CPD Points

Detailed Case Studies

Real World Examples

Avoid Making Common and Costly Mistakes

Future Proof Your Buildings

Who we are

NetZeroBAU is a learning management platform that brings impartial, current and practical knowledge of net zero projects to architects the globe over. The platform provides world-class learning in various formats for on-demand access, and CPD hours can be tracked automatically and made ready for submission to your registration body. This combined solution is the first to market of its kind, marrying CPD hour consumption and automatic tracking in one platform.

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